Get interiors that look professionally styled even if you're taking the DIY route, simply by avoiding these common mistakes

You do see your fair share of great design and decorating when you work in the real estate industry. However the flip side of that is that some home owners decorate their homes with furnishings and colours that just are plain NO-NOs. If only these few common mistakes were avoided, their spaces would instantly feel more airy and styled professionally.


1. Pushing the furniture against the wall. Your space will be more inviting and interesting if you give the room some breathing room around your furniture. Allowing the furniture to float in the room will create conversation groupings. An optimal distance for conversational seating is approximately 4 - 8 feet.


2. Using a "good-enough" paint colour. This is one of the most crucial design elements to any room. If it's poorly matched, the results will be weak at best. Consult a professional who can help read into undertones to set your room apart from the crowd.


3. Sacrificing light to trim the budget. Light fixtures that are too small or that don't dress a room adequately is a mistake that is noticed all too often. Use pieces that are to scale and relevant to the rest of the room. Don't be afraid to add your personal flair with a statement piece.


4. Isolating rooms. You want to create flow by linking adjacent rooms together. Repeat a patten or carry an accent colour from one room to another.


5. Being too "matchy-match". It's a common misconception that if a wall has a certain pattern the furniture need to mimic it. Your task is too create a collected look by using complimentary colours and patterns. Use motifs, moods, style or material that blend together but pop on their own.