About Windsor

The largest city in the Essex County in Southwestern Ontario is one of the loveliest places to live and raise a family, and it should be a contender for your next move. Without inside help, however, it is possible to remain oblivious to the many attractions of Windsor's real estate.

                                                                                                      City Hall

                                                                                                      City Hall

I have lived and worked in this beautiful city for many years and truly love the ambiance Windsor offers. I would like to alleviate any unawareness and tell you a little more about the wonderful community of Windsor.

History of Windsor

Originally founded over a hundred and sixty years ago in 1854 by French settlers, which is reflected in the majority of the street names.

Today, the city is host to over 200,000 residents, featuring 3,000 acres of green space, 180 parks, 64 km of trails, natural areas and forest cover within the city of Windsor.

Great for Families, Young and Old

Whether you are a family of five looking for a change or a young couple seeking to start a new family, Windsor has a lot to offer. With some of the best schools in the province and easy access to nearby postsecondary institutions, your children’s education will be satisfied. Furthermore, for a wide variety of parks and other recreational and entertainment options, all you have to do is walk outside. The area is also known for its beautiful four seasons, which will no doubt lead to many lasting memories for you and your family.

Discover More with a Windsor Real Estate Agent

To really get a feel for the community, you need a professionally licensed real estate agent on your side to help guide you. I can definitely be that person, and I encourage anyone interested in learning more about Windsor real estate to contact me directly today.