Windsor Public Transit

Windsor Public Transit

One of the things that make a city great is the commitment to providing its residents with reliable transportation. Read on to learn about how you can take advantage of the easy, reliable Windsor public transportation system when you choose this city as your home.

Get Access to a Fleet of Buses

For over fifty years, the city of Windsor has been growing its public transportation system to help its residents get around the city. Today, the Transit Windsor has considerably expanded, including a fleet of 112 buses. These buses help all the city’s residents get to where they are going in comfort, safety and, most importantly, on time—which is of particular importance if you are one of the Windsor's many commuter residents.

Convenient Options for Every Passenger

The residents of Windsor come in all different shapes, sizes and abilities, and the Windsor public transportation system has been designed with a wide range of residents in mind. Most of the Windsor fleet is equipped with low floors making them an easy ride for any passengers with mobility issues. Additionally, all of the buses in the city come equipped with bike racks on the front for the convenience of the city bicyclists.

After learning about Windsor public transportation, you might want to know more about this beautiful city. Contact me today and find out why your next home should be in Windsor.